EHPS pump connector 30210030

30210030 Array
  • Alternative part number: HEG3022KT1
  • Application: VOLVO C30 2006-2012 With start-stop
    VOLVO S40 II 2009-2012 With start-stop
    VOLVO C70 II 2010-2013
    VOLVO V50 2010-2012
    VOLVO C30 II 1.6D 2006-2012, TRW
    VOLVO S40 1.6D 2010-2012
    VOLVO C30 I 2006-2010, TRW
    VOLVO C70 cabrio II 2006-, TRW
    VOLVO S40 II 2004 -2012, TRW
    VOLVO V50 2004-2012, TRW
    FORD Focus II 2008-2011, TRW, no sensor
    FORD Kuga I 2008-2011, TRW, no sensor
    FORD Focus Duratec-ST (220/225PS) 2004-2011 sensor, TRW
    FORD Focus C-MAX Duratec-ST (220/225PS) 2003-2007 sensor, TRW
    FORD Kuga 2.5L Duratec-ST (220/225PS) 2008-2012 sensor, TRW
    FORD C-Max 2007-2010, TRW, no sensor
    FORD Focus II 2004-2008 TRW, no sensor
    FORD Kuga I 2008-2012, TRW, no sensor
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