New steering rack ATGR20541NW

ATGR20541NW Array
  • Alternative part number: ATGR20541NW
  • Application: AUDI A3 1996-2003
    SEAT TOLEDO 1999-2006
    SKODA OCTAVIA 1996-2010
    VW BORA 1998-2005
    VW GOLF IV 1997-2006

  • Substitutes:
    VAG: 1J0422075L, 1J1422062L, 1J1422055AK, 1J1422063C, 1J1422055H, 1J1422063N, 1J1422061A, 1J1422075CX, 1J1422061AK, 1J1422061N, 1J1422062E, 1J1422060K, 1J1422070X, 1J1422075DX, 1J1422062AX, 1J1422062HX, 1J1422055AA, 1J1422062LX, 1J1422055BD, 1J1422063CX, 1J1422055S, 1J1422063NX, 1J1422061AA, 1J1422075D, 1J1422061AM, 1J1422105, 1J1422061S, 1J1422062D, 1J1422062EX, 1J1422062KX, 1J1422063BX, 1J1422061AJ, 1J1422075L, 1J1422061B, 1J1422062B, 1J1422055AF, 1J1422062X, 1J1422055BH, 1J1422063M, 1J1422060JX
    CARDONE: 26G40384
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