New steering rack ATGR24221NW

ATGR24221NW Array
  • Alternative part number: ATGR24221NW
  • Application: VW Touareg 2002-2010, serv
    AUDI Q7 2005-2015, serv
    PORSCHE Cayenne 2002-2010, serv

  • Substitutes:
    VAG: 7L6422055CA, 7l8422055AE, 7L5422055DJ, 7L6422061P, 7L8422055AH, 7L8422055BP, 7L8422062E, 7L6422055P, 7L6422062NX, 7L8422055BE, 7L8422061L, 7L5422060A, 7L6422061T, 7L8422055AM, 7L8422055CH, 7L8422063, 7L6422061K, 7L6422063CX, 7L8422055BN, 7L8422062C, 7L6422055K, 7L6422062N, 7L8422055BC, 7L8422061D, 7L5422060, 7L6422061PX, 7L8422055AK, 7L8422055CG, 7L8422062H, 7L6422061J, 7L6422063C, 7L8422055BJ, 7L8422061T, 7L6422055BF, 7L6422061TX, 7L8422055AP, 7L8422055D
    PORSCHE: 95534701113, 95534701107, 95534701132, 95534701117, 95534701111, 95534701105, 95534701131, 95534701115, 95534701109, 955347011DX, 95534701130
    Bosch: KS00000895, KS00000897, KS01000869, KS00000899, KS01000867, KS01000883
    ATG: ATGR24221RB, ATGR24222RB
    ERA Benelux: SR23154
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