Remanufactured steering rack ATGE40331RB

ATGE40331RB Array
  • Alternative part number: ATGE40331RB
  • Application: FORD FOCUS III 2011-
    R16 Wheels
    Green 4.5mm
    Pinion turns from lock to lock: 2.5

  • Substitutes:
    FORD: 1890473, 1890273, 1732061, 1869081, 1855327, 2037177, 1880730, 1868628, BV6C3D070, 1754788, 1900377, 1870373, 1861246
    hz: HV6Z3504EP, HV6Z3504DE, HV6Z3504CB, CV6Z3504ZLG, CV6Z3504XE, CV6Z3504R, CV6Z3504N, CV6Z3504H, CV6Z3504F, CV6Z3504HE, CV6Z3504FE, CV6Z3504DE, BV6Z3504KE, BV6Z3504NE, BV6Z3504EE, BV6Z3504CE
    Motorcraft: CV6Z3504ZKV, CV6Z3504ZJG, STE629, STE574, STE554, STE417, STE255, STE219, STE195, STE161, STE135, STE116, STE89, STE82, STE70, STE54, STE388, STE324
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