Steering pump P1001HG

P1001HG Array
  • Alternative part number: 7682955128
  • Crossreferences: KS00000308, KS00000310, KS01000278, KS01000280, KS01000283, DSP5281, HPQ1001GQ, HPQ1001XQ, HPQ4001XQ, HPQ9001XQ, 04.23.0157, 541002310, 02P0009, P1001, JPR153, JPR211, JPR223, JPR414, JPR725, JPR726, 048145155B, 048145155C, 048145155CV, 048145155CX, 048145155F, 048145155FV, 048145155FX, 050145155C, 050145155CX, 4D0145155D, 4D0145155E, 4D0145155F, 4D0145155H, 4D0145155J, 4D0145155K, 4D0145155L, 8D0145155L, 8D0145155M, 8D0145156, 8D0145156X, 8G0145155A, 8G0145155AX, 400N10110Z, 2857301, 2
  • Application: AUDI 100 IV (C4) 2.0/2.0E/2.3E/2.6/2.8E/2.4D/2.5TDI 1990-1994
    AUDI A6 I (C4) 1.8/2.0/2.0/2.3/2.6/2.8/1.9TDI/2.5TDI 1994-1997
    AUDI 80 2.6/2.8 1992-1994
    AUDI Coupe 2.6/2.8 1992-1996
    AUDI A8 2.5TDI 1995-2002
    AUDI A6 4.2/S2/RS6 1998-2002
    AUDI A8 2.8 (from chassis 4D-T-003464)/3.7/4.2/S8 (from chassis 4D-T-002298)
    AUDI A4 1994-2001
    VW Passat 1996-2000
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