Spool valve<br><br>19*29.70*40<br> Renault<br> Volkswagen Caddy<br> Ford Transit<br> Fiat<br> Mitsubishi Outlander 2008


Spool valve

Volkswagen Caddy
Ford Transit
Mitsubishi Outlander 2008

Part number: HVZ9005
Alternative part number: HVZ9005
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Spool valve<br><br>22*37.5*43.5<br> Iveco Daily<br> Volvo S40<br> Volvo XC90<br><br>

Spool valve

Iveco Daily
Volvo S40
Volvo XC90

Part number: HVZ9004
Alternative part number: HVZ9004
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Spool valve<br><br>CITROEN Saxo 1996-2004<br> PEUGEOT 106 1991-1996


Spool valve

CITROEN Saxo 1996-2004
PEUGEOT 106 1991-1996 22*35.80*40

Part number: HVZ9008
Alternative part number: R05008
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Spool valve<br><br>FORD Transit 1985-2000 (OLD)


Spool valve

FORD Transit 1985-2000 (OLD) 21.90*37.70*35

Part number: HV0109
Alternative part number: R05009
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Spool valve<br><br>MERCEDES Sprinter 1995-2006<br> VW LT 2DX 1996-2006<br> MERCEDES Viano W639 2003-<br> MERCEDES Vito W639 2003-<br> MERCEDES Mixto W639 2003-


Spool valve

MERCEDES Sprinter 1995-2006
VW LT 2DX 1996-2006
MERCEDES Viano W639 2003-
MERCEDES Vito W639 2003-
MERCEDES Mixto W639 2003- 22*37.75*42.8

Part number: HV0105
Alternative part number: R05005
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Spool valve<br><br>PEUGEOT Partner

Spool valve

PEUGEOT Partner 21.90*37.80*37.80

Part number: HVZ9006
Alternative part number: R05003
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Spool valve<br><br>VW Transporter T5 2003- no serv<br> VW Multivan 2003- no serv


Spool valve

VW Transporter T5 2003- no serv
VW Multivan 2003- no serv 21.90*37.70*46

Part number: HVZ9007
Alternative part number: R05004
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Torsion dispenser<br><br>MERCEDES Sprinter 906, VW Crafter<br><br>

Torsion dispenser

MERCEDES Sprinter 906, VW Crafter

Part number: HV0155
Alternative part number: CT800155
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